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We offer 3 types of opportunities: School-Shed Programs, Volunteer Opportunities, and Public Tours and Events.
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To participate in PUBLIC TOURS AND EVENTS, complete the following steps:

NOTE: An account is NOT needed to participate in Public Tours and Events.
STEP 1) View our Calendar of Opportunities. Scroll down to view the calendar below.
STEP 2) Click on the Session (Visitor Tour or Event date and time depicted in GREEN) that you would like to register for.
STEP 3) Confirm the date and time.The event details will pop up. 

STEP 4) Click the "CLICK TO REGISTER" button and register!


To participate in SCHOOL-SHED PROGRAMS or VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES, complete the following steps:

STEP 1) Create an account. This establishes your login and your password and provides important information that help us manage our tuition-free programs. We will never share your information.
* Add school-shed students to your account. (This only applies to families with students enrolled at schools in the Hoover cluster of schools in City Heights.) To add your student(s) to your account, you must have their School ID Number. 
STEP 2) Complete and submit one or more applications. Note: you may need to complete additional steps prior to having your application approved, such as completing an orientation.
STEP 3) Once your application(s) are approved, you can enroll yourself or your children in opportunities.
For Further Instructions on How to Participate as a School-Shed Member, visit https://sites.google.com/site/oceandiscoveryinstituteuguide/school-shed-members  
For Further Instructions on How to Participate as a Volunteer, visit https://sites.google.com/site/oceandiscoveryinstituteuguide/volunteers 
For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit



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